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RF micro devices, Inc., a semiconductor manufacturer dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-performance RF systems and solutions, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Sirenza micro devices, Inc., a supplier of RF components. In accordance with the terms of the final merger agreement, Sirenza's issued common shares were converted into a combination of 1.7848 RFMD common shares per share and $5.56 in cash. The outstanding options to purchase the common shares of Sirenza will be inherited by RFMD and will be converted into options to purchase the common shares of RFMD. Based on the closing price of the RFMD shares on November 13, 2007, the issued shares of Sirenza shares are valued at $16.80 per share, i.e. a total value of approximately $900 million (consisting of approximately $300 million in cash and other RFMD share lines). As a result of the deal, Sirenza's common stock has ceased to be listed on the Nasdaq stock market.