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Sanken Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 1946, has a history of more than 60 years. When the company was founded, the whole semiconductor industry was still in its infancy. At this time, we carry out the research and development of semiconductors and apply the semiconductor technology to power products. With the development of semiconductor industry, Sanken Electric has gradually become a well-known power electronics enterprise in the industry, and has successfully established a solid position in the industry. For power products and various products in the surrounding areas, our company can provide high-quality solutions for customers' diversified needs. In the future, our company will continue to expand its core business semiconductor products, and will strive to improve the competitiveness of thin TV products to meet the rapid growth of market demand. In addition, our company will always provide customers with more creative technology and more advanced products based on the experience and technology accumulated over the years. As a leading enterprise in power electronics industry, Sanken will continue to challenge itself to contribute to the society. In the unpredictable fluctuating market environment, our company will aim to strengthen the interests and anti risk constitution of the enterprise, devote to speed and innovation in technology and production, and strive to expand the business foundation in the competition among multinational enterprises. In order to be able to stand out and win in the fast changing 21st century, and to meet the ever-changing market demand, our company will be down-to-earth to strive for results, to ensure that shareholders, customers, suppliers, people from all walks of life in the region, employees and all relevant people have a deeper trust. At the same time, we will continue to make efforts to make Sanken an enterprise that contributes to the development of world economy and culture.