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Since its establishment in 1949, new power industry has developed a large number of products to meet the expectations and trust of users at home and abroad, following the basic concept of "giving full play to original technology and creating new value" in the power electronics business fields such as power semiconductor and switching power supply. In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, electronic products are developing to digital, network and other high-tech fields. At the same time, they are also facing many new issues, such as how to prevent the earth's greenhouse effect, reduce the environmental load and so on. In the face of this situation, we believe that our mission is to use the original technology accumulated over half a century to create the next generation of main products with new functions, performance and added value. At the same time, as a leading enterprise in the field of power electronics, we are committed to saving energy resources and protecting the earth's environment by maximizing the conversion efficiency of products, So as to contribute to the society. In the future, we will continue to challenge the requirements and topics put forward by our customers, strive to make contributions to customers, shareholders, employees and the society, and improve our existence value.