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Zetex PLC designs, manufactures and sells a series of standard and special analog integrated circuits and discrete components. The company's products include voltage stabilizing circuit, DC-DC conversion, voltage reference, audio amplifier, GaAs FET Controller, low saturation bipolar transistor, low on resistance MOSFET, variable capacitor tuner, Schottky diode, magnetic electric sensor, etc. The products are applied to cellular telephone, portable and desktop computer, PDAs, automobile, stage lighting, camera, satellite TV, process automation, video / multimedia system. At present, there are more than 2500 types of products, including bipolar, CMOS, HDMOS and Channel MOSFET chip processes. Zetex PLC is located in Oldham, UK. It has design center, chip factory, assembly and testing factory. In addition, it has an assembly and packaging factory in Germany and a joint venture in Chengdu, China that is responsible for chip assembly and testing. Part of the production is done by some subcontractors in Asia.