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Founded in October 1997, Lingyue is a professional IC design company, providing TFT-LCD display panel driver IC, LCD TV control IC, consumer IC and computer peripheral IC products. The operation and development team has accumulated many years of rich experience in product design, technical innovation, market marketing and technical services. Combined with digital and analog technical expertise, it fully utilizes its own R & D advantages, provides products that meet customer needs, ensures competitive quality, price and service, and achieves the goal of win-win for customers. Lingyue will not only continue to pursue the high growth of self profession, but also expect to become the most valuable partner of customers! Vision in Taiwan's fast-growing TFT-LCD industry, we plan and design competitive IC products to complement and grow with the industry; give full play to the core design technology of mixed signal, develop key IC products with high threshold, high added value and high market potential, and combine the capabilities of planning, R & D, production and sales teams to create a win-win performance with our partners And profits. Product category display panel driver IC: TFT LCD gate drivers, source drivers LCD TV control IC: LCD TV controller, 8051 flash MCU consumer IC: VFD, audio amplifier, echo, 3 / 4-cell Li battery protection computer peripheral IC: PC cam, mouse, keyboard, VGA controller