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Lizheng International Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Lizheng precision electronic industry Co., Ltd.) is a strategic industry in response to the government's advocacy. It set up a factory in Tucheng Industrial Zone in 1976 (2005). It is the first enterprise to manufacture semiconductor silicon rectifiers with Chinese capital and Chinese technology. After years of efforts, it has successfully grown rapidly with its own brand. In January 1985 (2004), Lizheng electronic company was approved by the government to issue public shares for listing, which stabilized the company's operating interests. By 1981 (Republic of China, 70 years), Lizheng company increased its annual revenue to 9.7 million US dollars. At that time, through the global general distribution and acting distributors, it began to push its products into the global semiconductor market. By 1994 (Republic of China, 83 years), Shanghai Lizheng electronic company was established near Shanghai in mainland China, mainly producing rectifiers, and was established in Jiashan District, Zhejiang Province in 2001 Zhejiang Lizheng Electronics Co., Ltd., in 2008, set up a new factory and put it into production. Lizheng company through customer commissioned production requirements, vertical integration of production and assembly, to achieve unmatched quality and capacity. Process quality control is superior to the same industry, which makes Lizheng company continuously win the production excellence award awarded by the Ministry of economy in ten years. Make our products occupy the leading position in the international semiconductor component market. At the same time, we also set up sales companies in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, making our sales internationalization strategy more successful. After nearly 30 years of professional production of rectifier, Lizheng company has been producing OEM products in various factories, entrusted by customers of non-standard specifications. With more than one hundred experienced operators and management personnel loyal to their duties, Lizheng company is the largest asset and guarantee to put into production and serve customers, and maintain its leading position in the world rectifier.