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PMC Sierra is a semiconductor system solution supplier of high-speed communication network, providing component modules for transmission equipment based on ATM, SONET / SDH, T1 / E1 / J1, T3 / E3 / J2 and Ethernet protocol. The predecessor of the company is Sierra semiconductor, which was founded in 1984. In 1994, it received PMC Sierra and entered the network market. In 1997, it was renamed PMC Sierra. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, USA, with more than 850 employees. There are many design centers in the United States and Ireland, with sales network all over the world. As a co-founder of Saturn development group, PMC Sierra and more than 30 other member companies jointly develop standard compatible products that can be shared for high-speed networks. The company's customers are communication equipment giants, such as Cisco Systems, Lucent, Nortel, Alcatel, Ericsson and NEC. In order to maintain the leading position in technology, the company invests heavily in product research and development every year, and constantly creates advanced semiconductor solutions with higher and higher integration.