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Our company's fluorescent pigment business division has three core technologies, namely, "fluorescent powder production technology", "radioactive application technology", "coating and printing technology". The technology is applied in various industries and is highly praised by customers. In particular, the "new luminova" developed and produced in 1993 rapidly occupied the world's high-end watch market with its excellent performance and unique technology. In 1994, it won the Japanese classic excellent product and service award, and in 1996, it won the great Hanoi Memorial Technology Award. At the same time, the products are widely used in various countries in the field of shelter and guide signs. And on April 18, 2005, our intellectual property strategy of Japan's "development tomorrow" was praised, "excellent enterprises using intellectual property" was praised by the Minister of economy and industry of Japan. Our technology starting from luminous coating, not only develops new luminous powder, but also develops to the fields of special fluorescent powder for demonstrator, electronic technology, life science, etc. in order to persist in continuous development. In June 2008, these undertakings were divided into branches, and a more developed system was established after the independence of all parties.