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Wanghong electronics is a global leader in non-volatile memory integration components, providing ROM read-only memory, nor flash memory and NAND flash memory solutions across a wide range of specifications and capacities. With world-class R & D and manufacturing capabilities, wanghong electronics provides products with the highest quality, innovation and high performance for customers to apply in consumption, communication, computer, automotive electronics, Netcom and other fields. At present, we have a 12 inch wafer factory (wafer No.5 factory), an 8 inch wafer factory (wafer No.2 factory) and a 6 inch wafer factory (wafer No.1 Factory). Wafer No.5 factory and wafer No.2 factory mainly produce and manufacture Wang Hong's own nonvolatile memory products, while wafer No.1 Factory mainly produces wafer foundry business of niche logic products.