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In July 2008, new Tang technology was separated from Huabang electronics and became a relationship enterprise of Huabang electronics. New Tang technology continues the product line, core technology, partners, customer base and business of logic IC enterprise before Huabang electronic segmentation, and continuously strengthens product innovation and understanding of terminal application market, so as to provide customers with better service level on the basis of existing products. New Tang technology inherits the experience of Huabang electronics in the field of computer logic IC related products for many years. It has a high market share in the I / O controller for the main board. In response to the needs of the computer system development becoming more diversified, it has successively launched products such as TPM chip and Sideshow chip to strengthen the computer security mechanism. Consumer electronic products focus on the design and development of consumer IC, voice IC, multimedia IC and other products, and gain the trust of customers with deep design strength. New Tang technology attaches great importance to long-term relations with customers and partners. It has strongholds in the United States, mainland China, Israel and other places to strengthen regional customer support services and global operations research management. In terms of quality, through strict production process control and quality control operations, we will strengthen the effectiveness of yield improvement, supply chain management and customer satisfaction.