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The history of Fairchild Semiconductor Company can be traced back to 1957, when Sherman millsfairchild, the founder of Fairchild company, organized some scientists to study new transistor manufacturing processes in California, USA, including Robert nevce and Gordon Moore, who are now the founders of Intel company. In 1959, plane technology was successfully studied. Since then, plane technology has become the basic method of transistor manufacturing. Over the years, Xiantong company has always won the world's attention with continuous technological innovation, ranging from industrial leading technologies such as fast & 8432, advanced schottky TTL logic series to today's aspeeprom, ACEX, powertrench & 8432, MOSFET, LCX and VHC technologies. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, the company has three business units: Logic Group in South Portland, separate power and signal group in Sunnyvale, California, analog, mixed signal and non-volatile memory group in West Jordan, Utah. The company has four chip production plants in the United States and South Korea, and assembly and testing plants in Cebu City, Philippines and Malaysia. The company adopts world-class 4, 5, 6-inch silicon wafer technology to produce logic, analog, mixed signal IC and discrete components. South Potland is the largest production base.