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Figaro Figaro is a company specializing in the production of semiconductor gas sensors. In 1962, Figaro invented the world's first semiconductor gas sensor product, which is currently the world's first. Figaro Figaro's products are exported to 38 countries, with branches or offices in many countries, and its production bases are all over the Americas, Eastern Europe, China and other places; Figaro Figaro's semiconductor gas sensor adopts metal oxide semiconductor sintering process, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, short response time, low cost and long-term stability for the detected gas. Our products include combustible gas, toxic gas, air quality, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, automobile exhaust, alcohol and other sensor components, sensor modules, and supporting products of various gas sensors. At present, it has been widely used in household gas alarm, industrial toxic gas alarm, air freshener, air conditioner, air quality control, automobile exhaust detection, vegetable shed, alcohol detection, incubation machinery, etc.