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Yiphotoelectron was founded in 1983. In the development history of Taiwan's LED industry, yiphotoelectron has become the leader of Taiwan's LED packaging industry. In 2008, no matter in terms of total revenue and revenue growth, billion optoelectronics continued to take the first place in Taiwan. In terms of products, we have a full range of product lines, including high power LEDs, lamps, SMD LEDs, display and infrared. In addition to the complete product series and huge production capacity, Yiguang invests in the crystal photoelectricity of upstream LED crystal manufacturing, which enables Yiguang to master the upstream crystal directly and obtain stable supply. The vertical integration ability of upstream and downstream makes Yiguang dominate the market. In terms of R & D, we are more committed to the enhancement of LED next generation technology, including the improvement of product brightness and efficiency; the development of new application market products; the diversification of product layout to improve competitiveness, and the intellectual property of patent layout. In order to serve global customers, in addition to establishing a technical department to assist customers, yiphotoelectron has also established a global base, so as to provide customers with the fast service and shipment in the first time. Based on its deep strength and looking forward to the future, Yiguang locks in several potential fields and continues to create the future with its customers. Relying on its excellent manufacturing strength and outstanding cost control ability, Yiguang creates a broader LED market with the growing demand of the global LED market.