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Founded in 1984, Hua Rui is the largest and most competitive power semiconductor manufacturer in China. It has obtained many product invention patents and passed ISO14001, QS 9000 and ISO9001 certification. Hua Rui established the high-power semiconductor business department at the end of 1996. It is the first company in Taiwan to develop, produce and sell its own MOSFET brand. At the same time, we reduce the packaging OEM business and turn it into our own product production, so that MOSFET of our company can be sold all over the world from component design, wafer processing, packaging, testing and customer service. Hua Rui has more than 20 years of IC packaging experience and the most experienced and oldest design team in Taiwan MOSFET. In the future, based on this, we will develop more advanced products and provide the best quality and delivery time to meet the needs of customers.