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Since 1981 CTT has been supplying customers worldwide with power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, frequency converters, frequency multipliers, transmitters, transceivers, and receivers within the frequency spectrum of 400 MHz to 100 GHz. CTT's products are designed to provide the best price versus performance combination for each customer, whether the end use is military, industrial or commercial. More than two decades ago CTT, Inc. made a strong commitment to serve the defense electronics market with a simple goal: quality, performance, reliability, service and on-time delivery of our products. Tens of thousands of microwave amplifiers and assemblies have been delivered into applications including: ESM, radar systems, missiles, UAVs, seekers, decoys, data links and commercial communications systems. CTT's products contain the latest advancements in thin-film, GaAs FET MIC and MMIC technology.