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Amotech is a comprehensive component company that develops and provides information and communication based on new materials. Its core components in the field of it appliances and energy consolidate its position in the world's top maket in the field of anti-static (ESD) components of electronic equipment, including digital carrying equipment (digital camera, MP3, digital camera, laptop, etc.), display (PDP, LCD-TV) and automotive leader Domain, and through the miniaturization and integration of products to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the company, but also through a variety of materials and design capabilities to ceramic patch antenna firmly grasp the automotive navigation market, and through chip antenna to achieve the device carrying Bluetooth, DMB, DVB-H, media Flo and other antennas. In the future, it will enter the wireless communication market and establish the position of the central enterprise in the era of ubiquitous and home network. In addition, we will continue to invest in the development of BLDC motor, a new generation of intelligent engine, to ensure the competitiveness of our products, and on this basis, we will develop into an enterprise that provides core solutions to the automotive, home appliances, and computer computing fields that follow the trend of energy issue.